Cellar Doors


The term "cellar door" is one that has stuck around for some time, although it now has very little meaning, like the term "hanging the phone," for example. We no longer hang phones on the wall, but we still use the term. Anyway, back to basement doors. The term seems to be primarily Australian, as wineries around the world don't use it as often.

Historically, wine was made, stored and aged underground. As cold storage technology was not yet developed, building subway cellars was the best way to obtain a stable cool temperature.  People would knock on cellar doors to alert winemakers to their presence. Over time, cellar doors became areas set aside for tastings and sales.

Why go to a cellar door?

Visiting a cellar door has many advantages. First, visiting the cellar doors is the best way to get to know the wineries. Most wineries will not allow you to simply arrive and start wandering their grounds. Instead, they will welcome you into their cellars.

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