Commercial Stairs

Safe stairs should be a priority in any building that has them.
There is no need to explain how a fall down the stairs can have very serious consequences.
In other occasions we have talked about this point, but we focused more on the structural aspects.
This time we want to share some points to which you should pay attention so that stairs are always safe.

Preventing accidents
Falls down stairs are one of the most common accidents at home. 
The most affected are usually the elderly and young children. 
But, anyone, regardless of age or agility, can have an accident on the stairs. 

Here are some recommendations to make the stairs in your home safer.

1.Check the steps
Check that the surface of the steps is free of worn or slippery areas.
Also make sure that there are no nails or splinters that could hinder passage.
It is important that the edges of the steps are visible, to avoid tripping.

2. Secure handrails and railings
Check that they are firm and well attached to the wall or floor and that their height is comfortable for everyone, 
As well as the steps, make sure their surface is free of splinters, nails or other elements.

3.Bet for a good illumination
A fundamental aspect is that they are properly illuminated.
Make sure there are enough switches and lamps with their bulbs to illuminate each section.

4. Free the obstacles
Keep the staircase area clear and free of objects and obstacles that hinder the passage.
Especially in homes with children, make sure there are no toys, clothes or other objects that can be stepped on and cause accidents.

5. Contact Kilo Gates
At Kilo Gates we are experts in the design, development and installation of iron staircases.
If you are looking to renovate and make safer the stairs, structures and railings of your home, contact us!