Window Slat Rolling Gates

The security of your business is one of the aspects you are most concerned about. More often than not, this concern focuses not only on loss and property damage, but also on the feeling of vulnerability of your own family and employees. Maximum security roll-up doors provide you with the peace of mind you need to protect access to your premises.

At the same time, they perfectly combine this functionality with an elegant, customized aesthetic that fits perfectly into any design. At Kilo Gates we seek to combine all these qualities in a flexible way, capable of turning any premises into a fortress without sacrificing the feeling of naturalness.

Self-closing systems

The secret of the armoring of our doors lies, as a principle, in the use of a high-strength alloy that incorporates in its composition the unquestionable armoring qualities of magnesium, silicon and titanium. In addition, the slat designs themselves are designed for maximum structural strength.

Protecting the system

This is achieved thanks to the special design of the slats, whose extrusion gives them maximum strength and allows a system in which an intermediate profile is inserted that rotates naturally when lowered, causing a perfect anchorage and sealing between the slats. Thus, the whole system becomes rigid, making it unfeasible to lift the lock by means of forcing mechanisms: turning around the axis becomes impossible.

Ultimately, the locking occurs across the entire width of each slat, reaching both sides of the door and turning the modular and flexible surface of the slats into a solid unit or block that cannot be lifted. Even with the use of powerful hydraulic systems, minimal deformation of any profile would be difficult to achieve, given its great structural strength and hardness.