Electric Operators

The secret of every high-quality security door is the technology that drives it. Its ease of operation, durability and reliability are directly related to the sophistication, precision and installation of its operating system.

For nearly three decades, we have been one of the leading suppliers of all types of security gates available for any application. To ensure the quality and longevity of its gates, the company also supplies and installs state-of-the-art electric gate operators.

Electric gate operators are typically installed in industrial spaces and are required for sectional doors with high or vertical lift. They can also be used to operate fire doors. Less sophisticated electric gate operators can even be used on doors leading to residential entrances.

There are a wide variety of electric gate operators, some comprising trolley operators, while others comprise hoist-operated rolling door operator systems, garage door operators or sliding garage door openers. There are even swing door operators that operate in the most demanding applications in New York City, where functionality, reliability and strength are crucial. Obviously, there are less demanding swing gates in residential and commercial applications.

Roll-up gate motors are another operating system for New York businesses. These "trolley-type" operators use tracks to create a path along which the gate can travel. A sliding device is attached to the door and a chain is connected from the operator to the slider. When activated, the operator moves the chain, in turn pulling the trolley, and the door, along its path.

MG operators are robust roll-up door motors used to operate the heaviest doors, those with many cycles per hour, or a combination of both. Sliding door operators, meanwhile, are used to divide zones or aisles, such as a fire partition, freezer door or warehouse space. All are equipped with safety communication and battery back-up.

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