Rolling Grilles

We are a company that has been a leading supplier of security gates for over 27 years, we offer some of the best and most modern roller grilles to customers in the city.

At Kilo Gates we supply a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The grilles are available in different materials, such as steel, aluminum and galvanized steel, to suit different business requirements and various specifications of each property.

At Kilo Gates, we understand that while security against theft and vandalism is paramount, competition is stiff and the aesthetics of a business' exterior is an important factor in success. For this reason, when designing roll-up grilles for New York businesses, we offer customers a choice of a wide variety of designs, finishes and colors. Steel grilles, for example, come with a silver, brown or black sleeve finish, while aluminum grilles come with a basic silver-colored aluminum finish, but can be powder coated in any color. 

Choosing a security door can seem overwhelming, but we help you make the right choices for any requirement, whether it's a business, home, loading dock or warehouse. 

The variety of steel rolling grilles for New York has never been greater. 

A steel rolling grille is a popular choice for all businesses.

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