Structural Steel Erector

Working with metal structures is not something that everyone can do. To perform the functions of manufacturing, assembling and disassembling these infrastructures, it is necessary to have an academic background.

The metal structure assembler is in charge of preparing, installing and disassembling the metal frames of buildings and other structures. Among his main tasks are to assemble, coordinate, supervise and manage the different types of structures made of this material. Among the tasks to be performed are those of tracing the marks to be used as a guide for cutting, shaping, drilling... and carrying out these actions in a specialized workshop. They are also in charge of assembling all the elements of the structures, whether in buildings or other types of construction. It is the person who must assemble and mount the metal frames of the different constructions, such as ships. Another of the functions is to rivet the metallic elements in the appropriate manner, in addition to supervising the other workers.

The person who dedicates himself to this profession must possess certain abilities such as the interpretation and understanding of plans, the realization of welding works, some possible tasks at height, the handling of heavy machinery such as cranes and other activities.

There are many studies related to this field of work, both university and vocational training. Some of them can be technician in construction, superior technician in metallic constructions, technician in mechanized or technician in welding and boilermaking among many others that are offered.

For someone who wants to start in these studies should know the skills that they will be required to have acquired at the end of these, such as knowledge of the properties of metals, knowledge in scales and sizes, know how to cut and shape the metal, handle the lathe, milling drills, use the laser for cutting metal, among others.

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