AC Window Guards

If you are looking for a protector for your air conditioner, you should consider some important factors. For those who do not know, these protectors are boxes that are installed on the outside of the environment as an accessory to protect the condenser, and the first step is to know their models and features and know that there are pros and cons in the use of these protections.

You love the security of window guards but need to keep your residence cool during the scorching heat of a NYC summer. How can you have the best of both worlds? We'll tell you.

You should always have at least two ways out of your home or apartment in the event of a fire or emergency, usually the front door is one way out and a window, balcony/terrace or fire escape as a second mode of egress. An air conditioning unit placed in a window that is not used as an emergency exit is perfect. If your window air conditioning unit is permanently installed, there should be no risk of a child or adult falling out of the window.

About window air conditioner safety
Securing a window air conditioning unit involves three simple methods. The first option is to use an air conditioner window cage/guard so that the unit cannot be accessed unless the cage is removed.

The second option is to ensure that the window cannot be easily opened or broken from the outside. The use of a good security bar can easily solve this problem.

The third option is to use a good bracket. Also, screwing the AC to the bracket will provide even more security. But in that case make sure not to damage the AC.

If you apply at least 2 of these methods, you can be sure that thieves will not be interested in stealing your window air conditioner. Why would they, when there are probably hundreds of other air conditioners in the neighborhood that are not secured in any way.

Tip: If at any time during an inspection your air conditioning unit is deemed unsafe and poses a danger to others for any reason, it will be removed immediately and a window guard will be installed in its place.

In addition, if any air conditioning units are removed, a maintenance worker must be present and scheduled during normal business hours so that window guards can be installed immediately following the removal of the units.