Gate Repairs

Paying third parties to perform the maintenance of our gate is usually a costly task, which is not always included in our budget of common expenses. Especially when malfunctions need to be repaired. However, you can easily avoid this by performing proper maintenance on a regular basis.

Learn how easy it is to keep your gate in good condition and save yourself the hassle of having to pay large sums of money for repairs, or worse, having to buy a new gate.

Lubricate moving parts

Gates of all types are full of moving parts (some types more than others). Hinges, joints, springs, electric motor parts, sprockets, slides, gutters, all these parts can be found in the different types of gates and, being subject to constant movement, they need to be kept lubricated to avoid wear and tear.

Use anti-corrosive lubricants or industrial greases and lubricate the moving parts of your gate at least once every 3 months.

Adjust moving parts

You've probably noticed that your gate is full of nuts and bolts. Well, these screws can loosen over time and cause noise, vibration or malfunction, especially for gates that run on electric motors.

Check at least every 4 months the moving parts of your gate that are fastened with screws and tighten them if necessary (but do not overtighten them).

Avoid corrosion and rust

If your gate has many metal parts exposed to weather or moisture, it is likely to suffer from rust problems over time.

In this case, apply a coat of industrial anticorrosive primer for metal surfaces every 2 years to keep these parts protected from the effects of corrosion and rust.

Remember that rust accelerates wear and promotes the malfunction of your gate.

Be alert for signs of malfunction

An unusual noise, a momentary jamming signal at some point along the path of travel, or abnormal movement of parts may be signs of a malfunction that should be corrected quickly to avoid major problems or repair of damaged parts.

Be alert daily to the signals and behavior of your gate

If you notice that something is wrong with your gate, see an expert for proper advice to help you diagnose the problem correctly.

Check the operation of the motor

If your gate is electrically operated, check the gate's operation on a monthly basis. A normal noise level, a normal working temperature, a normal vibration level, and that the moving parts are well lubricated. Remember that the electric motor is the heart of the automatic gates.

Finally, remember to perform a general cleaning of your gate on a monthly basis, to maintain that clean, dirt-free appearance and impeccable aesthetics. It may seem like an unnecessary step, but all good maintenance starts with the basics.

All these tips we have given you will help you prevent any breakdown of your gate, maintenance is vital to be able to solve and diagnose any possible problem in time.